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WJB Services - Internal Moves

Optimising internal office moves

In addition to our comprehensive external relocation services, we are specialists in internal office moves. Ensuring that your internal moves are professionally executed is just as crucial as any external relocation.

While an internal move can often be simpler to arrange, often senior management’s expectations are that much higher. The assumption is that an internal move is a much easier task to complete means that facilities teams are put under extra pressure. At WJB Services, we can help to alleviate this.

Planning and executing internal moves

We apply the same high standards of planning and attention to detail in our internal move assessments as we do for larger, external relocations. That means we can offer:

  • Computer aided design software to maximise the space available
  • An assessment to ensuring your existing office furniture or new equipment is suitable
  • To arrange to remove any obsolete furniture and dispose of it
  • Furniture storage, should you need it – for long or short time periods
  • Supply packing crates and materials


We can offer a free appraisal, and can discuss your plans, or recommend areas where we can be of assistance. Whether you already know exactly what your requirements are, or would like more information on how we can make a difference, just contact us.